FBI Say’s 17 Year Old Spring Breaker was Fed to the Gators. Could it Have Been Prevented?


“One out of every three women are taken on spring break each year, and two out of the three taken, never survive and are never found” (Gradolph, 2015).

What tends to go unnoticed is that these high profile cases get media coverage because investigators want them to, for one reason or another.  Most spring break crimes committed against young women are not publicized, because they are under investigation.

I wonder how many of those women and their families were seriously concerned about her personal safety when she took off for spring break?  What do these ladies travel with for self protection?

“Ironically, those who drink the least are at the greatest risk because they do not have any tolerance for the alcohol, ”added Collins. (Glatter, 2014)

The two women listed below were brutally assaulted and murdered on spring break.  Could their assaults have been prevented?

  • Lucy Gradolph was a Michigan State University Senior who escaped murder by chance, while she was on spring break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in 2014.  Lucy was brutally raped by her cab driver and the man who waved the cab for her (waving of a cab by a stranger being a normal type of thing in Cabo).  She was told that her limbs would be removed if she did not comply.  Lucy was lucky, because another vehicle pulled next to where the crime was being committed and her assaulters became nervous.  They then threw her on the ground and sped off.

spring breaker survived a brutal assault


“I am the blessed statistic that did survive and was found.
My main message to you is: Don’t be a statistic, don’t be a survivor, just don’t be in the equation at all” (Gradolph, 2015).

Lucy Gradolph died of unknown causes in early 2016.  May she rest in Peace.

Brittanee Drexel from upstate New York was just 17 years old in 2009, when she disappeared while on spring break in Myrtle Beach.  FBI agent Gerrick Munoz received information in 2016 from a prison inmate that lead to answers as to what happened to her.


  • Brittanee was held captive and gang raped for days, before she was shot after trying to get away.  Her body was then placed in an alligator pond.  Her body has never been found.

“A teenage girl from upstate New York who disappeared from Myrtle Beach seven years ago was abducted, gang-raped, shot to death and thrown into an alligator-infested swamp, according to an FBI agent who cited a prison inmate” (NBC New York, 2016).

According to Forbes.com contributor, Robert Glatter, “…More than 690,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 are assaulted by another student who has been drinking…More than 97,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 are victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape” (2014).

prevent-spring-break-assault-step-up-with-meSpring breakers can get peace of mind with simple, cute, and fun self protection items to travel with through Damsel in Defense.  Great options are the Sock It To Me key chain striking tool ($10), a Holla Hers key chain emergency alarm ($15), a Take It AND Leave It pepper spray combo pack ($20 and you get one pepper spray for the hotel room and one pepper spray for the key chain).  The Gotcha stun gun is concealed as a camera ($80) and then there is a hotel room alarm called the Step Off that can be used for window’s as well as doors.  What’s great about Damsel in Defense is that all products come with a lifetime warranty.

Could $10 have saved Brittanee’s life?  Could $10 have prevented Lucy from being raped?  I would love to know what you think about all of this.  Comment below or let me know what you think on Instagram, Facebook, or twitter.

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