9 Beautiful Women Brutally Murdered: Could It Have Been Prevented?


  • Chelsea Bruck’s remains were found on a construction site in Ash Township, Mi, six months after she disappeared. “Chelsea, who was 22 at the time, was last seen leaving a crowded Halloween party around 3:00 a.m. on October 26, 2014 outside Newport, Michigan. Witnesses told police she was last seen in a parking lot with an unidentified man” (Trost, 2016).  The male charged with her murder was giving her a ride home from the party.  The medical examiner determined that she died from blunt force trauma to the head.

    She also had fractures to her face, jaw, neck and teeth.  The arrested male claims that she accidentally died while engaging in rough sex, which he claims was her idea.

  • Karina Vetrano was jogging near Howard Beach, New York where she was raped and murdered.

    “Authorities said Vetrano put up a ferocious fight before succumbing to her killer” (insider.foxnews.com, 2016).

    Two days later, another jogger was found dead not far from her.

  • Vanessa Marcotte disappeared after she went for a jog. Her burnt, naked body was later found near Princeton Massachusetts. She was 27 years old and worked for google.  “Police have not released a suspect in either case” (insider.foxnews.com, 2016)
  • Dominique O’Neal was 6 months pregnant when she was stabbed to death inside of her apartment in Muskegon, Mi, in 2015. She was an Army National Guardsman and worked in a nursing home.  It took two years to prosecute the killer.
  • Becky Bletsch was found dead one mile away from her home in Muskegon, Mi, in 2014 after she left to go jogging. Though she was shot dead, the man being prosecuted for her murder has a track record for snatching and antisocial behavior.  “In two additional arrest warrants, Willis is being charged with multiple counts of manufacturing child pornography, copying child pornography and using a computer to commit those felonies” (Hausman, 2016).  This same man is being charged with the disappearance of a gas station worker who has been missing for 4 years.
  • Jessica Heeringa was working alone late at night when she

    disappeared from a gas station in Norton Shores, Michigan, in early 2013.

    For years the only thing that police had were a few drops of blood outside of the back door of the gas station.  The man being charged with her murder is being charged in a kidnapping case as well as the murder of Becky Bletsch.  “Police said they found a pistol, rope, chains, handcuffs and syringes in Willis’ van when they arrested him in the spring. If convicted, he faces life in prison without a chance for parole (foxnews.com, 2016).  Jessica’s story was featured on the Investigation Discovery Networks’ Disappeared.  She is still missing.

  • john-eric-armstrong-serial-killer-step-up-with-me
  • Kelly Hood and Wendy Jordan of Detroit, Mi were both strangled and posed by a serial killer in the late 1990’s. DNA technology was evolving at the time and helped to solve these cases. Both women were killed while on a date with a normal looking man who turned out to be a serial killer.  The man charged with their murders was married with two children.  He is pictured here.  Photo’s of Kelly and Wendy have not been located.
Teresa Tyler Murdered. Case was never solved.

Teresa Tyler was 19 years old when she was murdered in 2004. After going out for a girl’s night, she was found in the bedroom closet of her Muskegon, Michigan home, shot by an AK47.  Her murder has never been solved.

These are 9 beautiful women who may have been able to run for their lives, if they had been able to carry a stun gun or 18% OC pepper spray.  Coincidentally, NY, MA, and MI happen to be three of the rare states, in the U.S. that do not allow women to carry these forms of non-lethal self-protection.

What do you think about this article?  Do you know anyone who would still be here if they had a stun gun or 18% OC pepper spray?

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