concealed carry in purse

I Survived Because I Had A Gun In My Purse

These three women are alive and avoided sexual assault because of their instincts and because they carried a concealed gun in their purses.

  1.  In January of 2016 Kristi McMains was violently attacked while leaving her office. Kristi wrote an article for about her experience.  She states, “I am a young, 5’3 attorney who probably was seen as an easy target. My attacker mistakenly perceived me as weak and stalked me into an elevator, which took me on the slowest and scariest thirteen second ride of my life” (Kristi, 2016).  kristi-mcmain-coneal-gun-purse-rely-on-u-step-up-with-meKristi met her attacker in an elevator when she was headed to her car which was in the parking garage.  Kristi told that she could feel her instincts kick in as soon as she noticed the other man in the elevator.  The man followed her as she walked as quickly as she could.  He then caught up to her and violently attacked her while attempting to get her into the passenger seat of her own vehicle.  While in the vehicle, Kristi was able to reach into her purse and get her gun.  “… I accessed my gun, shot my attacker multiple times, and saved my life. He will be spending years in prison for what he did to me” (McMains, 2016).
  2. According to the Houston Chronicle, an unnamed woman in Harris County, Texas used her concealed gun to shoot a man who attempted to rob her after she finished pumping her gas. The robber got into the passenger seat, pulled out a knife, and demanded cash.  “The woman agreed and reached over to her purse. But instead of money, she pulled out a pistol” (Glenn, 2015).  The robber was shot one time in the shoulder and survived the incident.
  3. A former CNN reporter was traveling with her husband when they stopped at a motel in New Mexico. While the husband Chuck de Caro was in the shower, former reporter Lynne Russell unpacked a suitcase from the vehicle.  On the way back to her room, a man shoved her inside of her room and held her at gun point.  When her husband walked out of the bathroom and witnessed this, the robber demanded money.  chuck-de-caro-lynne-russell-conceal-gun-purse-rely-on-u-tep-up-with-me“She told him she would look in her purse to see what they had” (Almasy & Marco, 2015).  Knowing that her gun was in her purse, she threw her purse to her husband.  The robber’s behavior became erratic and he ended up getting shot 3 times by husband, Chuck de Caro.


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